Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23rd

Hi everyone!

I will be busy next few months since Hubby & I are moving out of California to go to Washington State. Can't wait to be near my 2 sisters again. We are ready to start new life up there and go fishing, hiking, etc - gotta have a fresh new start so I may not be around much as I need to get some exercises and lose weight too.  We will be going through our storage and sell stuff next couple months then start packing and move by June. We have visited Washington few times over the years and love it. Also hubby's brothers live up there on the west coast.  Can't wait to move and start new life up there and focus on losing weight next few months so I can get back on transplant list for a kidney and get out of dialysis.

The weather has been nice here in California - sunny and lil breezy but the flowers/trees are blooming too - Spring is here? wow ugh allergy season for us allergy sufferers. I've been having sinus headaches/allergies for almost 3 weeks but seem to be getting lil better after we had a rain one day. its supposed to rain again soon.  Hope ya all safe from the blizzard in the east and central  USA. Stay warm and safe!

Take care!


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Ahh March is creeping up

Ahh where did the months go? Sorry I'm a bad blogger. I've been busy psping and just had surgery yesterday Friday the 22nd to have the PD cath removed now that PD - peritoneal dialysis won't work for me cuz of scar tissues after my 2nd surgery in January. I know I should be resting but i'm feeling bored and i'm feeling fine. just lil pain in stomach area but other than that I feel just fine and will take it easy. Might want to do some psping lil later today but still taking breaks from groups at the moment and come back March 1st. Will post some tags that I have made so far in 3 groups. I'm hoping some day I'll write tuts. Hope you all had a good month of February. We celebrated my son's birthday on Valentines Day weekend and he just turned 24. Wow time flies! Bought some cupcakes from The Cupcake Lady. They just started their business here in Central Valley not to long ago and they are very popular. wow the cupcakes were yummmy! They even have facebook account and tell us when they'll be in town and what time, etc. I'll post a pic soon. Ok hope all is well with everyone! Take care. Kat