Saturday, October 21, 2017

October 2017

Wow fall is beautiful out here in Spokane Valley, WA. its bound to rain next few days. I've been feeling sick lately with having pneumonia shot 2 weeks ago then flu shot a week ago (i'm a kidney disease patient so i have to have these vaccines cuz of my weak immune system). ugh the side effects with pneumonia was awful, my left arm hurt alot for 3-4 days then i got the cold/mild sore throat then couple days after having flu shot i got stomach flu or either i got from my hubby. ugh stomach was really hurting awful and i had to put warm rice bag on my stomach and it help some along with peppermint tea. still feeling weak, feverish and stomach still hurts. hopefully it'll go away by the weekend

Hope ya all havin a good fall or whatever weather ya at. Stay safe and prayers for everyone affected by hurricane harvey, Irma, Jose, etc and the Wildfires all over California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana. and all those who lost their lives, lose their pets and all the pets that are found. Amazing how they survive the fires. 

Halloween Tagz I made so far

My group Taggerz Haven has a 3 week Halloween Theme going on. We had Witches/Vampires/Goth week and just finished Halloween Animals/Cats & Dogs week and gonna go on our Monsters & Mummies this week starting sunday the 22nd.

Here's some tags I offered

Friday, September 22, 2017


Did some Football tags too


Wow can't believe Fall is here and September going by real fast.. slow down time lol

Did these tags this month, haven't had much mojo lately but I try. Had fun doing Steampunk week at Wonderland and made some Steampunk tags and some challenges to get my psp mojo going.

Did a Steampunk theme for Steampunk Week at Wonderland

Saturday, August 19, 2017

August Snagz


I made snagz for a Summer Snagz Contest at Taggerz Haven by LaSmiley and it was fun making them, she chosed the kits and Taggerz could do anything they want with that kit and make them Snagz cuz all of our snagz were gone due to Photobucket issue and replaced with that annoying image.

The contest was a great idea to bring out Snagz back and we have bunch of them now made by Kat4evr, LaSmiley, Krisandra, Linda, Pvnkmoon & Carolyn. Thanks Ladies for all the lovely snagz.

Feel free to snag my Snagz and do not put your names on them or rip them, thank you


Anacrit ~ First Day of Spring Snagz

Thought the Unicorn was so cute so I used the Unicorns from Anacrit
with First Day of Spring kit and i love purples

Verymany ~ Dog Cat Gone Cute Snagz

Verymany ~ Tropical Paradise Snagz