Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12th

Hello everyone! I just had minor surgery yesterday to fix the tube (for peritoneal dialysis (pd)) so it would be down and easier to drain fluids out as it did not drain 400 kg fluid last 2 sessions and pd was on hold and I was still on hemodialysis. Now the surgery is done and i'm doing great - just lil pain but not too bad but am resting and online at the moment. Thanks everyone for your prayers. So soon I will be going back to pd training and finish the last class and graduate then be able to do dialysis at home on my own time and be active in groups. I had my first surgery on Nov 1st then went through pd training for a month and half then found out fluids wasn't draining so had to have another surgery to fix the tube to go down. So next goal is graduate from pd training and finally do it at home. Oh I cannot wait! Just got tired of going to hemodialysis clinic. Rather do it at home. Ok Hope ya all had a good New Years - I sure did and spent it with hubby. Went to Olive Garden for dinner and had yummies and mudslides later that night. Wow the 2 weeks has gone by so fast. I can't wait for Valentines day cuz my son will be 24 on Valentines day - yep he's my miracle baby cuz he was born 2 months early and I was diabetic that time. Plus I celebrated 14 years of being diabetic free - I had a kidney/pancreas transplant on 1/1/99 but transplanted pancreas is still awesome and still diabetic free but unfortunately last 5 years - the transplanted kidney has been failing (which is common in transplant patients) so I've been back on dialysis for 2 years upcoming Feb 1st. I'm taking a break from groups that I belong for a week to recuperate. still lil sore in stomach area on left side and have hard time getting out of bed but i'm sure it'll get better within 2 days. glad i got the weekend to rest up. Cya Kat