Thursday, December 15, 2016

Updates about Me

I just had Gallbladder surgery last October 18th and all went well. Took awhile for my stomach issues to go away and finding what foods i cannot eat and stay away from those foods lol. Gotta love my fries but gonna start baking them instead of frying them or getting fries out there lol.

Still have that issue with my right eye - floating blood vessels, it popped after i got home from hospital on Oct 20th. saw an opthamologist and they said nothing they can do right now and wait for a month or so to see if it goes away. ugh its still there so gonna make an appointment with a different opthamologist next month and see if they can laser the blood vessels out. its pain in the ass cuz i can't see well on that eye so i have to move my eye to be able to see w/o the vessels in the way. Its diabetic retinopathy that i had for years and I had laser surgery before like 28 years ago and it went away and it was managable all these years til this year. grrrr

Guess my psp & group mojo is not there, I'm tired more often after dialysis which is exhausting. I asked transplant team am I back on transplant list yet? she said i haven't had an cardiologist check up & need to see cardiologist i'm waiting for appointment. i wish to have kidney transplant now so hopefully within next few months or by spring of 2017.

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays and Best of Luck in 2017!!

Wow time went by fast

Been lacking some PSP mojo/Group mojo lately too. not sure whats going on lol

But did make some tags for Taggerz Haven Christmas Party and contests