Monday, December 14, 2015

My GoFundMe

Hi everyone,

I posted a GoFundMe here -

Trying to raise money to get rest of my dental work done within 6 months from now and what's left can help with future transplant meds/care costs.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and God Bless You All. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and have a good Christmas/New Year. Thanks for taking the time to look and read my story. Any support (financial, spiritual or just plain good thoughts) is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13th Update

As you all know I have Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease and been on dialysis for 5 years. I just got news that I'm now "Active" on transplant list for a kidney here in Spokane, Washington. I had my first kidney/pancreas transplant almost 17 years ago coming up January 1st at UCSF, San Francisco, California. I used to live in California for almost 47 years til we moved up here to be closer to my sisters and my husband's brothers.   whoohoo after my 2 months hospital stay last year after went in for ovaries removal but ended up having sepsis, intestine tear, internal bleeding and mild heart attack. I was in ICU most of the time flat on the bed, hooked up with ventilator and drugged up. I couldn't walk, talk due to having ventilator shoved down my throat twice, climb up stairs/curbs. I went to rehabilation hospital to relearn how to walk, talk/swallow and climb upstairs. It was a struggle for me but I made it through. Now I kicked ass going through all the transplant preparations last year and again this year and had to get my dental work done (the major ones) but still need to get the other two done within 6 months and got "Active" on the darn transplant list. now it will be anytime in the near future i'll get a deceased donor's kidney. i do not have any live donor and nobody in my family can donate cuz of health issues, etc.  my mom was gonna donate back in 2008 but couldn't cuz she's pre-diabetic. :(  but all is good.  yay soo happpy


Tags I made in November

Whoohoo Thanksgiving is near for us Americans!  Hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving.

Here's tags i made so far in November. Love doing the challenges in various groups to bring back my psp mojo.

Tags I made in October

Bunch of tags I made for groups Birthdays and for Halloween
sure had fun making them and entering Birthday Bashes/Halloween Fun, etc.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Hoping all of you had a good summer and looking forward to Fall or whatever seasons ya at. Wow its been a year since I came home from hospital last year after my 2 1/2 months stay after ovaries removal and complications (became septic, intestine tear, internal bleeding and mild heart attack). had to go rehabilitation center to relearn how to walk, climb up stairs and build up muscles. I lost like 30-35 lbs and lost a lot of muscles after being bed ridden the whole time. Thank God I'm alive after that terrible ordeal.
I'm thankful for all the prayers my family, friends and group sent. Lets pray I get a kidney transplant soon. now working on dental work (to prevent any infections or otherwise I can't get Active on transplant list yet). ugh
Ok gonna do my best be active in groups and psp! been stressing out and wasn't in mood to psp or go in groups much lol. now its time to get back in.

BCA & Halloween WordArt I made for Creative Misfits

Made Autumn Templates

You can pick them up here and please leave some Love!



You can grab them and please leave some Love!

Wow October is here! Love Autumn

Time flies and October is here. been psping some and been lacking cuz haven't been feeling well lately and probably stressed. trying to get back to group and psp lol need some mojo. Here's what I made so far from challenges in few groups I'm in.