Monday, July 18, 2016

Tags I've made in June/July

Taking a Summer break and was gone alot in June due to carpal tunnel surgery then
went to Vegas July 4th - 11th and rested a week before getting back to psping.
Still staying in my major group Taggerz Haven at forumotions and on Summer break
in other groups I'm in.  hoping to psp some more next few weeks ...

Made this for Taggerz Haven Christmas in July Contest

Tags I've made since May

Yay Summer is here

Boy what a busy Summer!

Went to World Deaf Expo in Vegas first week of July (July 4th - 11th), I finally met my long time online sistas that i've known for 14 years since Katy and I first opened our siggy group back in MSN group days. And I celebrated my 50th birthday with my sistas and hubby. Had a blast.  Missing was Linda (CMSD76) and LaSmiley.   I miss my sistas already!! :(

KatyCV, TxKrisandra, Kat4evr & Lisa

Lisa & Kat4evr

My hubby & Me

Krisandra & Kat4evr

Krisandra & Lisa

Lisa, Krisandra and Kat4evr

Krisandra, Lisa, Kat4evr & LnkrJim