Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 2013

Hello everyone!

Sorry I'm so behind in updating my blog, been dealing with chest pains, low blood pressure and palpitations for the last few months while on dialysis plus a cold/cough for last 2 months - still coughing (gotta be allergies).  Just got stress echo, ediocardiogram done and wore a heart monitor - they said everything looked fine but I also went for cardiac catherization, the cardiologist finally found 2 blockage so he opt for me to get a heart bypass. Doc said its due to having diabetes for many years. So surgery is set for April 16th so gotta go dialysis Monday April 15th at 6:30am (my normal chair time is at 2:50pm) then afterwards head to Sacramento to go for pre-op then go over relative's house and stay overnite and surgery is at 5am on April 16th. I also found out from my mom that my grandparents did have a history of heart disease. ugh why am I the first one in my family to have a heart bypass. Been thru alot and made it through strong. I'm soooo nervous, not really liking the idea they'll cut me thru the sternum and crack my ribcage to fix my heart. They will use wire to tie the ribcage back together. I hope I make it through. I'll be taking a break from psping and groups for probably a month but I hope I recuperate fast enough cuz we're moving out of California in June. May will be a busy month with a classmates reunion picnic and a Goodbye California potluck with family and friends.  Got most stuff packed but only few things left we need to use. Had to pack some stuff cuz I won't be able to do any strenous work/lifting after surgery for 3 months. Not fun!

Plus April was a sad month for me cuz I lost my beloved furbaby girl Kali - she was my favorite companion for 18 years. She sure lived a long life and been with me through my ups and downs. I miss her soo much. I had her cremated (my first time having a cat cremated) and she's in a beautiful Maroon wooden box with her name Kali carved on it. She'll never be forgotten. Enjoy running free at Rainbow Bridge my dear girl. RIP Kali 

Have a good month of April/May, cya when I get back.



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