Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer break

Wow summer is here and I will be busy first week of July and surgery on 6th to fix my AV fistula on my arm (dialysis access). I have met the transplant team and surgeon last week June 23rd and got email from transplant coordinator asking me if I had these stuff done (mammo, pap, dental, etc) and yes I had it all done. Now the want me to do cardiac stress test, CT angiogram then they will present me to the transplant committee for listing. crossing fingers to be put on transplant list for kidney.  My birthday is coming up on July 9th, will do something with my family. On July 1st, my sisters and I are going to see Magic Mike xxl and go shopping. yayy  then will have 4th of July party and fireworks at my sister Lynn's house.
In May, my hubby and I went down to California for family reunion and saw my relatives, my son and friends. My son still lives in California. My hubby and I moved up to east Washington almost 2 1/2 years ago and love it up here. I wanted to be closer to my sisters and closer to my hubby's brothers who live west Washington. Had a great time in California.
I've been psping a lot lately even though I have carpal tunnel, still waiting for an appointment with hand surgeon. my hand pain was worse from February to May but now its getting much better but still tingling and dropping stuff with that hand so I hope to get surgery on right hand soon.
Hope you all have a good summer or whatever season ya at. Take care.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer is here and I love summer!

Summer is my favorite month since I was born in July! Yikes I'll be 49 next month. oh gawd! Still psping away even though I had carpal tunnel since January but its gotten better but still waiting for CT testing this Thursday the 18th. At first thought it was nerve damage from AV Fistula surgery I had last February. so test will confirm it this Thursday and hope I get surgery cuz it hurts!

Gonna try update my blog and need a new blinkie. maybe I'll host a contest for someone to make me new blinkie lol we'll see. Been doing some challenges lately in couple groups I'm in. Here's some summer tags I made so far

Hiya! Spring tags I made

Sorry for not following up on my blog. Still going dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours and trying to find time to psp and do challenges in groups I'm in lol.  Here's some latest tags from spring