Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn 2013

Wow October went by really quick and I've been dealing with 4 infections on my fistula arm since September. It never ends.. Supposed to have surgery on November 1st to remove those nasty anerysms in my arm (common after being on dialysis for long time) but nephrologist's assistant says looks like i have another mild infection on my arm but i've been taking antibiotics by mouth and by IV at dialysis clinic. I pray that I still can get surgery so I can get those nasty mean anerysms out of my arm and it be back to normal.

Also its nice to know that there's some hearing impaired members of one group I'm in - just found out today. I've been hard of hearing since age 2, went to mainstream (both deaf/hearing schools) all my life then went to regular hearing high school and do lip read very well, speak well and use ASL.  I co-manage a deaf/hearing group - which was a former group of 10-11 years with deaf members but we merged with hearing members for the last 3 years and now its called Rad Divas. I no longer manage the group and gave the group to my long time wifey/friend Daz who manage. I'm one of the co-admins along with Vesta who is hearing and we have 3 deaf moderators and 1 hearing moderators helping the group out. Ya welcome to join us as we would like more pspers to join plus non pspers. Our group link is

Ok gonna be a busy month during the holidays but i will be around as much as I can and praying for that darn surgery to happen soon. I've also been losing weight due to the infections/not feeling well/stomach ache, etc.. sigh  oh yeah I'm also waiting to be on the transplant list for a kidney here in Spokane, Washington since moving here last June. Now waitin for them to get my paper works from UCSF in California and process through them and they will let me know whats the status of me getting on the transplant list.

Have a good month of November!