Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tags I've made in April

Wow May is approaching

I'm still psping away after I went through alot of health issues since November. Plus still waiting to get on the transplant list for kidney after i get my health all checked out. I have lost alot of weight and still working on losing some more as the transplant docs want me to lose the flabby skin. ugh not that easy lol

whoohoo can't wait to see my son Jesse in July when he flies up here from California. Sure missed my baby since hubby and i moved up here to be closer to my sisters plus California was kinda depressing. Sure love the weather, scenery, lots of lakes up here to go fishing at. I've been more outgoing/active since moving up here.

I'm hoping to learn how to script names into tags, don't really like to read but will have to if i wanna learn.

Been busy with Vesta & my group "Taggerz Haven" plus find time to play in other groups that i'm in.  I definitely can't wait for summer break this summer especially when my son gets here.

Will be posting some tags. I need to relearn how to write tuts as its been years i wrote tuts lol. Hopefully some day i'll learn how to make scraps but i'm not in a hurry.

Have a good month of May!