Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tags & Sets I made in November 2014

Yay got my psp mojo back and getting back into groups to do challenges.
Here's what I made so far up to November 12th. Also made a forum set for long time
good friend Krisandra for her birthday.

Tags I made October 2014 since returning to PSP


Sorry I went MIA unexpectedly for 3 months from psp groups. I went in at Sacred Heart Providence hospital for ovaries removal as there were cysts and transplant team prefer the ovaries removed before I can have another kidney transplant. then I was sent home few days after the surgery but had to go back 2 days later due to leaking from the stitches. I ended up getting septic shock - then was in ICU for awhile and had intestine tear then I was told I was getting better, up and walking and ready to go home but at 3:30am the hospital called my sister and they informed my hubby that I had to go surgery again cuz the nurse notice I wasn't waking up and I ended up having internal bleeding. I don't remember much during my 2 months hospital stay but do remember seeing my hubby there, my sisters and my parents there visiting but I slept most of the time. Then I was transferred to Northern Idaho Advanced Care Hospital for rehabilitation cuz I could not walk and I lost a lot of weight and my muscles & fat were gone. I lost about 30-40 lbs but gained some during my recuperation (building muscles through physical therapy). I had to use wheelchair, walker to get around. Finally I was about to go home Sept 23rd but had set back the weekend before with high white blood count - infection - they suspected it from Pnemonia so I was on high dose of antibiotics for few days. I was coughing for awhile since leaving the Sacred Heart hospital. Then I got to go home Sept 29th and continue antibiotics at dialysis. I now go dialysis 4 hours - used to be 3 hours. Gentiva Home Health Care RN & Physical Trainer came by twice weekly for whole month of September as I needed to continue get vital signs checked and exercises. Today Nov 12th was last day having my physical training session and Brian said I have improved a lot since first started physical training exercises. I still have weak left leg and balance so I will continue to do the exercises steps I need to do. I thank everyone for all the thoughts & prayers and the Lord for keeping me strong and help me fight through this. I could have died. What a terrifying experience I went through and never want to go through that again.
Pic taken on Halloween 2014 at sister's house

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tags I've made in April

Wow May is approaching

I'm still psping away after I went through alot of health issues since November. Plus still waiting to get on the transplant list for kidney after i get my health all checked out. I have lost alot of weight and still working on losing some more as the transplant docs want me to lose the flabby skin. ugh not that easy lol

whoohoo can't wait to see my son Jesse in July when he flies up here from California. Sure missed my baby since hubby and i moved up here to be closer to my sisters plus California was kinda depressing. Sure love the weather, scenery, lots of lakes up here to go fishing at. I've been more outgoing/active since moving up here.

I'm hoping to learn how to script names into tags, don't really like to read but will have to if i wanna learn.

Been busy with Vesta & my group "Taggerz Haven" plus find time to play in other groups that i'm in.  I definitely can't wait for summer break this summer especially when my son gets here.

Will be posting some tags. I need to relearn how to write tuts as its been years i wrote tuts lol. Hopefully some day i'll learn how to make scraps but i'm not in a hurry.

Have a good month of May!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tags I made for February & March


Hello everyone!

Where did the time go? I've been dealing with alot of health problems and going to alot of doc appointments, ultrasounds/exams, etc. plus going for Kidney transplant class and finally meeting the transplant team this coming up Tuesday. Gotta have colonoscopy and enscopy (sp?) on April 1st, no april fools joke LOL.

Ok been busy with my group with Vesta. Come join us.  Here's some beautiful blinkies

Here's the link - Taggerz Haven

Ok been trying to get back into groups after being mia for awhile due to health problems. will catch up some more on my blogs, groups and psping..

Have a good month of March!