Monday, July 30, 2018

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Hello everyone!

Wow Summer is almost over! Time flies. I was sick last Feb/March with pneumonia then April/May with stomach issues - diverticulitis and was sick for  a month and lost 17-20 lbs due not being able to eat, dehydrated (i drank alot of fluids but still dehydrated) and went to ER 3 times. Both times they said nothing was on tests and said i had stomach flu at 2 different hospitals, then 3rd try going to ER after still not getting better - i demanded them to find the problem and i was hospitalized and they did an colonscopy and found abscess and gave me antibiotics and panteprazole which helped. I just finally saw GI doc today July 30th and he will find the problem - need to do labs/stool sample this friday since the lab technician couldn't find my veins ahh so time to drink water all week and hope they can find it this friday LOL. stucks to have stomach issues and eat certain foods and avoid others. sigh..

ok need to update my blog soon and post more tagz that i made over the summer. I had a good birthday since my son Jesse flew up here from California on my birthday and spent few days with us before heading back home. He'll be back next year with his gf Samra and stay longer. I sure hope so!  It was so good to see him, haven't seen him since 2015 when we were in California. time flies and i've been sick with stomach issues for so long. I will see him in October when hubby and I go down to visit and go to his grandma's 90th big birthday party bash! can't wait!  Here's a pic of me and my son