Sunday, February 4, 2018

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Oh wow 2018 is here

Dang, time went by fast and now its February 2018! had a loss in my family, my beloved Uncle passed away in his sleep on January 30th. He had pancreatic cancer and found out in September so wow its was 4 months later til he passed away. RIP Uncle George, you will be deeply missed. He was a hero who saved his mom, 3 sisters from a 40 year old guy who wanted to date his 18 year old sister but his father was killed as the parents fought him and said no to dating their 18 year old daughter. Uncle George ran down for help as they lived in farming community. Rest in peace Uncle George and many thanks for saving your mom and 3 sisters. My mom was 4-5 years old when that happened. Cancer sucks! My paternal cousin Mando has Colon Cancer and he just started Chemo but having bad side effects. Prayers for him and his family. He found out in December its Stage 4 so hopefully chemo can kick its ass. I have 2 maternal cousins who had cancer and beat it. My dad had non hodgkins lymphoma and beat it. He just recently had biopsy and its cancer free. But he also found out he has low kidney function so i hope he avoids salt and go to classes and learn how to avoid going dialysis cuz its not fun. i hate dialysis but it keeps me alive. lol oh well life goes on. We had a Christmas Fun Party at Taggerz Haven for 2 weeks, it was fun but exhausting lol. Been trying to catch up in other groups but right now my main focus is at Taggerz Haven cuz my co-partner is not on much due to RA/FM etc and may go semi-retired so Me and our mods will take care of the group. If i had free time and want to play I'll go in other groups when I can. UCSF transplant team called me and asked if i still want to be on their transplant list, I told them what happened at Spokane transplant team which they denied me to severe cornary heart disease. They will talk to my cardiologist, etc and go from there. This is where i first had my kidney/pancreas transplant in 1999 when I lived in California. I just celebrated 19 years of being diabetic free - the pancreas transplant worked this long but the kidney only lasted 12 years and i've been on dialysis for 8 years now so i'm praying that i can be on transplant list for a kidney at a big high risk hospital like UCSF. the one here in my hometown is like 5-6 years new so i understand they don't want to take that risk. Alot of people all over the world has gotten sick with the flu. My hubby got sick first and then i did. it took us 2 weeks but he's all better now but me - i'm still coughing phglem and my sinus is congested grrr. hope it goes away. Prayers for those who are still sick and recovering. I'm still psping when i have mojo but i'm a major siggy piggy too. Hope you all have a good month of February. My hubby's birthday on Feb 7th and my son's birthday on Valentines day and niece in law's birthday end of month. Got good news that my nephew and his wife is having a baby in August. Congrats to Leo and Maribel! Cya around, will post some current tags i made Kat

Saturday, October 21, 2017

October 2017

Wow fall is beautiful out here in Spokane Valley, WA. its bound to rain next few days. I've been feeling sick lately with having pneumonia shot 2 weeks ago then flu shot a week ago (i'm a kidney disease patient so i have to have these vaccines cuz of my weak immune system). ugh the side effects with pneumonia was awful, my left arm hurt alot for 3-4 days then i got the cold/mild sore throat then couple days after having flu shot i got stomach flu or either i got from my hubby. ugh stomach was really hurting awful and i had to put warm rice bag on my stomach and it help some along with peppermint tea. still feeling weak, feverish and stomach still hurts. hopefully it'll go away by the weekend

Hope ya all havin a good fall or whatever weather ya at. Stay safe and prayers for everyone affected by hurricane harvey, Irma, Jose, etc and the Wildfires all over California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana. and all those who lost their lives, lose their pets and all the pets that are found. Amazing how they survive the fires. 

Halloween Tagz I made so far

My group Taggerz Haven has a 3 week Halloween Theme going on. We had Witches/Vampires/Goth week and just finished Halloween Animals/Cats & Dogs week and gonna go on our Monsters & Mummies this week starting sunday the 22nd.

Here's some tags I offered

Friday, September 22, 2017


Did some Football tags too


Wow can't believe Fall is here and September going by real fast.. slow down time lol

Did these tags this month, haven't had much mojo lately but I try. Had fun doing Steampunk week at Wonderland and made some Steampunk tags and some challenges to get my psp mojo going.

Did a Steampunk theme for Steampunk Week at Wonderland