Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tags & Sets I made in November 2014

Yay got my psp mojo back and getting back into groups to do challenges.
Here's what I made so far up to November 12th. Also made a forum set for long time
good friend Krisandra for her birthday.

Tags I made October 2014 since returning to PSP


Sorry I went MIA unexpectedly for 3 months from psp groups. I went in at Sacred Heart Providence hospital for ovaries removal as there were cysts and transplant team prefer the ovaries removed before I can have another kidney transplant. then I was sent home few days after the surgery but had to go back 2 days later due to leaking from the stitches. I ended up getting septic shock - then was in ICU for awhile and had intestine tear then I was told I was getting better, up and walking and ready to go home but at 3:30am the hospital called my sister and they informed my hubby that I had to go surgery again cuz the nurse notice I wasn't waking up and I ended up having internal bleeding. I don't remember much during my 2 months hospital stay but do remember seeing my hubby there, my sisters and my parents there visiting but I slept most of the time. Then I was transferred to Northern Idaho Advanced Care Hospital for rehabilitation cuz I could not walk and I lost a lot of weight and my muscles & fat were gone. I lost about 30-40 lbs but gained some during my recuperation (building muscles through physical therapy). I had to use wheelchair, walker to get around. Finally I was about to go home Sept 23rd but had set back the weekend before with high white blood count - infection - they suspected it from Pnemonia so I was on high dose of antibiotics for few days. I was coughing for awhile since leaving the Sacred Heart hospital. Then I got to go home Sept 29th and continue antibiotics at dialysis. I now go dialysis 4 hours - used to be 3 hours. Gentiva Home Health Care RN & Physical Trainer came by twice weekly for whole month of September as I needed to continue get vital signs checked and exercises. Today Nov 12th was last day having my physical training session and Brian said I have improved a lot since first started physical training exercises. I still have weak left leg and balance so I will continue to do the exercises steps I need to do. I thank everyone for all the thoughts & prayers and the Lord for keeping me strong and help me fight through this. I could have died. What a terrifying experience I went through and never want to go through that again.
Pic taken on Halloween 2014 at sister's house