Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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September Update

Wow, summer went by really fast and I've been having lots of problems with my fistula arm (i'm on dialysis for 3 years now), supposed to have surgery but that's postponed cuz of infection that happened after having a fistulagram. ughh, now i'm on antiobitics and today its healing good.

Been psping on and off over the summer plus enjoying my new hometown. Moved from California to Washington State last June to be near my sisters and hubby's brothers. Really enjoying the weather up here and loving the mountains/hills view. I went back to the same dialysis clinic that I went to last year while on vacation - that place is great and i'm still going 3 days a week.

Went to Spokane County State fair last week with hubby & my sister & her bf and had a great time.

Wow I love Autumn, can't wait to see falling leaves, beautiful autumn colors. It just started raining overnite and today.